Friday, October 28, 2011

Part 1 of My Proof God does not Exist!

No Physical evidence of god and his domain.

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If there really was a god what would you expect? Well for one thing, I would have expected that science would have validated the existence of god and related supernatural phenomena by now.  Now don't take this as some pompous scientific hand waving. You don't have something that interacts with our bodies and minds and not have some obvious impact in the physical world at least at the molecular/atomic level.  The problem is that if god existed in the way most theist tend to imply, you would not expect it to be some weak subtle influence but something rather spectacular and widespread, at least as compared to our current understanding of subatomic particles and quantum mechanics.

I know many theist say wait a minute “you can't know gods nature”, “god is beyond our understanding,” and “god is supernatural, "beyond nature.”   Why? Most of the things we know of science would have been consider supernatural a few hundred years ago. Sort of by definition anything we cannot directly or indirectly measure or test, we would have to classify as supernatural. But what we know is not constant, it builds upon itself.  Especially under science, mankind has been able to come to an understanding of a substantial portion of his environment. I would have guest that the existence of supernatural events happening in the natural world would have become obvious to science in the last 100 years. I can already hear some of you saying, we will never be able to figure out god.   But that I suspect is just wishful thinking among many of you theist because you know that through knowledge comes resolution and answers to question too many people say they already have the answer.  The problem with believing in the supernatural it still takes its impact on the natural world for you to know it exists. Even if all we can see is the results like molecules moving, chemical process initiated, and electrical energy transfered, we should be able to observe, measure, and test it in a scientific way.  Moreover how it impacts at the subatomic level should give us incites into how it relates to our universe and our more conventional physics.  With our human capacity to understand and some physical evidence to work from we could determine the nature of heaven if it existed.

So lets look at the soul or spirit. Just about every mythology claims we have some part of us that is persistent after death whether if goes to heaven or is reincarnated in another life it is supposed to be some part of us.   Many a Cristian claim the soul is actually where our consciousness lies but I doubt very few have ever thought through what that really means. Unless the soul is completely passive (only reading what or mind thinks and does), the soul must be able to interact and mostly create thought within our body independent of the rest of our neurological system.  But thought is not a simple electronic signal like some piece of a computer program. Unlike computers, the brain is not some fixed set of processors in which instructions are inputted and process. No two brains are exactly the same. The brain grows its processors (brain cells) as the body grows (I.e. brain cells (grey matter) continue to grow up to late teens and the interconnectivity (white matter)until early 30s) and as such are influenced by the experiences of the human.  Sensory inputs (touch smell sight, taste, hearing) are physically mapped into areas of the brain's grey matter multiple times and memory and thought are also similarly distributed.  Moreover there does not appear to be a common language or operating system as in computers but rather the electro chemical interactions and physical structure of the brain are what defines the contextual and relational aspects of our thoughts.  For the soul or spirit to interact with the mind it would have to be able to interpret the neurological signals and translate them into meaningful representation the soul understands.  And conversely, the soul needs to be able to take what ever thoughts/ command/ memories it wants to send back to our bodies and map them back into the chaotic structures which is our brains.  While there are potentially learning methods that could do this, but from a design point of view its not very intelligent.  More significantly to my argument, from an interface point of view, it would be humongous. If the soul was in communication with the brain on any continuous manner the amount of information and energy should be spectacular on the molecular level.  The brain should be saturated with these soul to body messages and they would all appear to come out of nowhere.  And with each and every thought generated by our consciousness, we should be able to see a change in the physical universe that can't be explained by our current science.  Now some may say “well quantum mechanics is pretty strange, maybe thats where the interactions of the soul lies” but in all our research we have never been able to find a quantum level effect that is associated with life let alone intelligence.  There is nothing in science that would imply that there is any type of interaction able to support a soul and based on what we currently know we probably should have discovered it if it existed.  

Another thing that the concept of a soul does very  poorly is predict how the damage mind works. If our consciousness were in the soul then why would physical damage to the brain change our conscious mind? How could mental activities ever just stop if the soul is constantly talking to it and generating thoughts?

Much like the soul, many other things we call supernatural would have a very distinct physical impact on our world. Things like ghost, psychic abilities, miracles, stigmata, talking in tong, etc. would all leave some physical trail that physics should be able to find.   People claim that they see, hear, feel and even witnessed physical manifestation (stuff moving and breaking) by ghosts but there claims and evidence is always lacking.  I'm not talking about the kind of bogus electro-magnetic interference effects that they show on TV ghost hunter show.  We live in a world saturated with electro-magnetic interference effects but we have always been able to identify a source in the real world if you look hard enough.  If their claims were true and ghost really did exist and generate EMI, then ghosts being mobile and intelligent  would almost universally play havoc with all the electronics.  Electronic chips would have to be ghost proofed for them to be reliable and we should be able to easily detect them.

More significantly since ghost are supposed to be humans and you would expect that they would be trying to communicate with us just as some of us claim to try to talk to them. Wouldn't you expect some nerdy ghost to writing their name across the CCD collectors (the electronics that records light) in telescopes, day after day.  Don't you think some enterprising ghost would be sending its images through television signals rather than just the cameras of ghost hunters.

If these supernatural realms existed  and had some interaction with our universe, science would know it and be studying it. If they existed, there would be new formal branch of science pulling together physics, biology, cosmology, genetics, and others to come to understand it. You would have large research project looking at how the humans interact with this supernatural world their souls on a subatomic level, examining the intricacies of how our physical bodies communicate with the soul, how much energy is transfered back and forth between the gods dimension/realm/state and ours in the process, what is the make up of this other realm, gods, angles, demons, souls ghost, etc. and what is the nature of this relationship (parasitic/symbiotic) , how did it physically come into being, did god actually create it or did he just build upon what was already there.  You would expect physicist would be trying to develop super unified theories in which they try to work out how the physic in god's realm relates to our own unified theories and their would be a whole discipline of science trying to determine what god was up to, his intentions, and desires. If there really was a god it would be scientist leading way to understand gods nature but that is not the reality we live in.


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  2. Why bother. We all know people are afraid of death and they come up with a consolation prize like: "there is an after life, or there is a good god that will give us eternal life". All that is bullshit created by a frightful mind. Religions are "partners in crime" and foster this "fairy tale" with their beliefs full of nonsense. Let's do like the rest of animals and plants: just nothing. The whole existence of life has no meaning, no purpose and it's merely a matter of physical probability in a universe that is also an absurd.