Sunday, June 19, 2011

Covers of the Week - The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

Took a weak off, and so I'm back with a new cover. This week it's Bruno Mars' (playlist) The Lazy Song which came out in February of 2011. Like most new songs, most of the covers tend to be done by fans and in Brono's original style but there are a lot of them and there are some really good performances. This song also has a lot of very funny parodies and I've added some but be aware some are a little adult so if your a easily offended don't watch.

Chester See has a great version on the softer side

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Covers of the Week - Mash-up Special

This week is some thing different (and of course anything different is good).  For those that don't know a mash-up is where multiple songs are are combined into one. Here is a link to my regular mashups playlist which I call Non-Linear Melodies. Tonight I've collected some of my favorite acoustic mash-ups and mash-up covers from my Organic Mashups Playlist on youTube.

Mashing up Umbrella and Singing in the Rain has been done multiple time by Jamie Cullum and Glee. My favorite version is by Sonnet its a little more tender and just a better covers.