Sunday, April 10, 2011

Covers of the Week - California Dreaming (Mamas & Papas)

This is one of my all time favorite songs.  I remember walking to high school and jr. high school in San Leandro, CA on many a cold, overcast, gloomy day with it going thru my head, feeling one with song as if it capture some quintessential part of me.  I think I have more covers (~15) of California Dreamin' than any other song in my collection and I would have more but this is the only song where I eliminated covers changed certain lyrics (normally modified lyrics are a plus) (See A Story of California Dreamin').

Here are some excellent covers starting off with Dana Owens' (Queen Latifah) absolutely awesome version:

And a most rockin' version by the John Mayer Trio

The "Classic Rock" sound of the Carpenters

Beautiful choral style of Scala and Kolancy Brothers

A little course but almost sweet

Beach boys

A nice disco version by Royal Gigolos

Brazilian bossa nova and jazz singer-Rosa Marya Colin

The rest of the covers in my playlist:

Plus those who can get the lyrics right

And the original Mamas and Papas Version


  1. I just added another 3 more California Dreaming covers to my Playlist


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