Sunday, April 17, 2011

Covers of the Week - Candy (Paulo Nutini)

The problem with trying to find covers for relatively new songs is that they don't have time to be adapted to a variety of styles and genre. The covers you find tend to be a lot of acoustic and karaoke versions by fans trying to recreate a favorite song. There is nothing wrong with mimicking a great performance and many of them are very good, but from a listening to multiple covers point of view they get repetitive and admittedly I love a diversity of styles. But  when you find a song with a lot of covers like todays cover, you quickly realize that this song is something special and the diversity of covers will come.  I discovered Paulo Nutini's Candy while doing a generic search for "covers" on youTube and quickly fell in love with it. There are over a 100 covers and many of them are very good.  The ones here are the ones I like the best and I hope you like them.

Stephanie deBruijn's was the first cover I found and love listening to it

Marina & The Diamonds (that her stage name, not her band) puts a little of her own vocal style into it

An interesting thing about many of covers is that they try to out do the vocal style and roughness of Paulo himself... including the ladies

A nice fun version...ukes are always fun

A nice sweet version

Another one trying to out-Paulo Paulo


NOTE: All my Covers of the Week are listed under the Music tab. It includes my planned covers for the next month.  If you have any requests feel make a comment to this article or on the music tab.

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