Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Random Meme of the Week #1

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You don't need Science to know that there are no gods. All you have to do is look around without assuming gods exist and you will see there is nothing in our reality that even suggests that there is a god. What science does, is remove that void of ignorance about the world around us, that we humans so readily fill with delusions of ourselves. So often, ignorance is that still water that mirrors our own reflection, projecting ourselves deep into that pool of ignorance, and making us believe that behind everything there is a creature that in so many ways looks like us. It's not God theists worship, It's themselves.


  1. Actually, there is a lot in the world arounds us that suggests that there is a god, I'd even say too much.
    The magnificent complexity and the improbability of our existence that is not even slightly comprehensible to our limited human mind.

    Still, to assume that there is a god just because one can not explain EVERYTHING, that is, my friend, sheer ignorance and arrogance.
    Humanity should accept the fact that it is never going to achieve full understanding of the world (Actually, it is not even going to come anywhere near that feat.)
    Nevertheless, humanity should always strive to discover as much as possible from this vast universe, this very knowledge is the essence of our existence.

  2. *around
    I was writing hastily :/